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API Resources

There are a wide range of resources available to help make it easier to interact with the Betfair API, including those created by Betfair as well as the wider community.

Here are some of the resources we'd recommend taking a look at if you're building a program to interact with either the polling and/or Stream APIs.

The basics

API access

Customers are able to access our API to embed it into their programs and automate their strategies Please reach out if you're an Australian or New Zealand based customer and are keen for support.


  • Our Datascientists' repos for using R and Python to access the API
  • There's an ANZ Betfair Down Under community GitHub repo where you can find sample code, libraries, tutorials and other resources for automating and modelling on the Exchange, including an Awesome List and Knowledge Share with helper functions and guidance on best practice shared by the ANZ automation community.
  • The UK’s Github repo including libraries for other languages


Other resources

  • Towards Data Science provide a decent basic walk through of how to log in to the polling API and pull market data, with some interesting commentary along the way.

Betfair Quants Discord Group

betfair quants is really active Betfair-owned Discord group for people interested in modelling and automation on the Exchange. Please reach out if you'd like an invitation.

New Zealand customers

All requests to Betfair sites from IP addresses located in New Zealand must now call endpoints ending in '' (requests to '.com' endpoints will be blocked).

All sites containing the url '' do not currently have an active alternative '' endpoint. This is currently being worked on being rectified by developers at Betfair UK. In the meantime, New Zealand customers are advised to utilise a VPN or VPS with an Australian IP address to access these sites until further advised.

Betfair apologises for any inconvenience caused.