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Historic Data Listing

There are many different ways in which historical Betfair data can be sourced in order to find an edge on a given market.

Some examples being:

However, trying to find sports data or more detailed racing data can be challenging, especially if you don't have a programming background to process the historic JSON Files (although we have an excellent tutorial). That's why we've worked to bring you some additional sports and racing files to make backtesting a model that much easier.

As this site is run by Betfair Australia and New Zealand, unfortunately we are only able to provide data on markets which take place within Australia and New Zealand (so no English Premier League unfortunately). If, after viewing the data, there's something else you'd like to see, please reach out to us at


By downloading this data, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • (a) Betfair does not make any representations, or give any warranties, as to the accuracy or completeness of the data provided; and
  • (b) you use the data at your own risk, and Betfair will not be liable for any loss suffered in using the data.

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