Cymatic Trader

Taking trading to another level, this fully featured, super fast trading software has many unique features developed over a number of years. Intuitive throughout, it was designed for professional traders but is equally welcomed by novices.

It was the first program to actually reveal your estimated position in the exchange order book queue (PIQ), helping you gain an advantage when trading manually or with the built in robot. PIQ is now an essential feature for many traders.

You can open multiple markets simultaneously and perform one-click trading using customizable ladders or grids. Greening, tick-offset, stop-loss and a range of other features are included, as you’d expect in a great low-latency trading app.

The Excel integration capability enables you to view real-time prices in Excel, trigger orders from Excel and even create your own fully automated trading robot!

The integrated advanced charting is capable of displaying candle-stick, bar or line charts, in various time frames, plus a huge range of technical analysis indicators. Zooming, panning and drawing magnetic trend lines are all made easy.

Another unique feature is the ‘API Monitor’, it can instantly reveal errors or bottlenecks caused by the internet or the exchange – thus helping you avoid trading during bad periods that other traders may often be oblivious to. It also calculates real time statistics such as the latency of various types of calls to the Betfair API for your current trading session. Warning messages and statistical reports can even be automatically emailed to you by the software.

The software is well suited to single or multiple monitor scenarios. Downloading/filtering of betting history and account statements is also included.


  • Rapid keyboard betting short cuts
  • Advanced charting
  • Football Odds predictor
  • Ladder interface
  • Excel integration
  • Practice mode

Cymatic Trader

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