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The Mental Game of Wagering Article Series


I know your time is limited. You have a lot of ideas that you want to test and models that you want to refine, and you’re probably wondering what psychology and emotions even have to do with wagering or punting. But ask yourself this question: What is more likely to increase your POT by 1% – doing that testing/modeling work, or eliminating the mistakes that cost you money time and again and are driven by anger, fear, greed, or confidence problems I can help you correct?

The most successful punters out there are already focused on their mental game. If you haven’t yet thought about how much your psychology or emotions are costing you, then you are either at a distinct disadvantage or, at a minimum, are missing an opportunity to improve your edge.

We are not talking about psychobabble or sitting in your feelings here. I am focused on driving performance and my proven Mental Game system uses practical, logical strategies that deliver results when you do the work. I’ll use this article series to teach you the basics of the system and equip you to improve your mental game. Invest the time and you won’t be sorry.

For the last 17 years I’ve been coaching world champion poker players, PGA Tour players, financial traders and punters from around the world. My job is simply to help them be more successful, more consistent and perform at their highest levels. I’m able to do that not because I’m an elite poker player, trader or punter, but because I am an expert in how mental game impacts performance. I’ve also written three highly acclaimed books, The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2 and my newest book, The Mental Game of Trading. Find out more about my work at:

Watch this space as Jared will be writing an entire series of articles related to related to the mental game of wagering, we recommend following the articles in sequential order:

  • Part I - Role of emotions
  • Part II - Map your emotions
  • Part III - Handling Bad Variance
  • Part IV - Win by Being Great at Losing
  • Part V - Correcting Your Emotions
  • Part VI - Responsible Gambling
  • Part VII - Maximize Your Learning with the Inchworm Concept
  • Part VIII - The High Cost of High Expectations
  • Part IX - Tapping Your Intuition