BetJet Pro

BetJet Pro is a third-party betting software tool that uses the Betfair Exchange. Whilst not having capability for automated betting, it provides an easy to use interface for betting and trading compatible across both Mac and PC.

BetJet Pro

The interface is highly customisable and able to be tailored to anyone's specific needs with sophisticated hotkeys including the aptly named "Get Me Out" button which closes all open trades on a specific market. Switching between ladder view and grid view is easy, with the tool able to easily show where the weight of money is going to predict price movements.

BetJet Pro comes with tools that can be set to activate instantly upon the price reaching a certain point, a previous bet being matched or partially matched or a combination of things. Another cool feature of BetJet Pro is that it utilises the last traded price to generate implied probabilities for an in-play race guage, as well as a host of other tools.


  • Real-Time API Status
  • Native for Mac and PC
  • Programmable Tick Offset tool with hedge, zero hedge configurable functionality, Stop Loss, Fill or Kill & Stop Entry Tools
  • HotKeys for Lay, Back, Hedge, & “Get Me Out”
  • Race Meter visual representation of prices in Grid
  • Racing Metadata including Form, Jockey, Trainer and Barrier
  • Five staking sets with five different stakes plus one user editable stake box
  • One-Click betting and moving bets within the ladder view
  • Zero-Hedge Bets

To find out more and to sign up for a FREE 14 Day trial, head to the BetJet Pro Website